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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Offshoring Inc. in the Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2009 Conference and Expo

Ms. Jodi Chamberlain represented Offshoring Inc. in the Search Engine Strategies (SES) 2009 Conference and Expo held in San Jose, California from August 10-14. Participants were educated on various topics such as: advertising strategies, tactics, best practices, and technical things, like SEO, link building, and keyword search.

The San Jose SES Conference and Expo was the 11th of the series. It was organized by the SES Advisory Board and The conference featured more than seventy sessions which covered crucial topics such as SEO, keyword search, PPC management, link building, multiple site issues, duplicate content, and video optimization and usability. The conference also offered keynotes and high-level strategies to participants, who were comprised of more than 100 companies in the industry.

Jodi established new networks and gained extremely valuable knowledge during the conference. The needs of the search industry and services offered by Offshoring Inc., the leading provider of SEO services in the Philippines with clients around the world, fit perfectly. Offshoring Inc. leases out highly skilled SEO Specialists, Programmers, Writers, Web Designers, Webmasters, etc. who can drive the highest amount of traffic to any website anytime.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Where to Find the Greatest Deal for your Online Business? Think Offshoring

Website Design Services

The most efficient and effective solution to your Web development needs is finally here. Offshoring Inc., the industry leader in staff-leasing services, offers you the most amazing deal that will surely boost your business, leaving you asking for more.

Take your pick from Offshoring's inventory now and get 20% off on your first month's invoice. Also, have the setup fee waived if the staff starts to work for your account from July 1 to August 25!
What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity right now because Offshoring Inc.'s highly skilled staff are very in demand in the industry.

Offshoring's Inventory: The Fastest Way to Get Excellent Results

Mr. Paul Ruiz is the Recruitment Manager of Offshoring Inc. He explains why the inventory in the company's website is one of a kind. According to him, “When we post staff on our website, this means that they are thoroughly screened already.

Potential clients don't have to worry about their attitude or their performance. If their profiles are posted there, that means they're all excellent and we highly recommend them. We don't post an employee's profile if he is performing below Offshoring Inc.'s expectations.”

If you're looking for people to drive your business forward, the easiest way is to check out the easily accessible talent pool on Offshoring's website. Each employee profile is just a click away. This means you can quickly read the sample profiles of employees in the inventory and analyze if they match your requirements.

Paul says that Offshoring's inventory is special because anyone can review it anytime they want. Since the company is very proud of its employees, there is nothing to hide from anyone.
“Potential clients can already see the profiles of our available staff even if they haven't paid a setup fee or anything else. With other companies, they would have to pay first before they can browse through the profiles of their staff. Here at Offshoring, our talent pool is open for anyone to see.”

Screened and Ready to Drive You to Success

Offshoring employees whose profiles are posted on the website currently don't have clients. They are are there because of contract decisions and not performance-related reasons. This means that all employees in the inventory are previously working perfectly for their former clients. In addition, all these employees have gone through and passed Offshoring's strict qualification tests. They have also gathered valuable experience while accomplishing actual projects for clients.

“Employees in the talent pool are good to go. We're telling potential clients, 'Here are our people. You can get them free of any setup fee and they're all OK,'” said Paul. So if you're wondering where the best professionals for your online business are, look no further than Offshoring Inc. and find out why many businesses have already reached their goals through the help of this premier staff-leasing services provider.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Offshoring Inc.'s Niño Ronda Won 2nd Place in the 2009 Top Coder Studio Design Competition

It's not everyday that a person gets lucky but Niño Rey “Oninkx” T. Ronda perhaps doesn't need luck, anyway. Oninkx, a Web Designer from one of the top Web Development Company in the Philippines, Offshoring Inc., relies more on his amazing talent honed through eight years of web designing to be on top.

Oninkx proudly displayed the amazing talent and skills of Filipinos once again in the 2009 Top Coder Studio Design Competition held in Las Vegas last June 1 to 4. He was the defending champion of last year's competition. This time, he slipped into second place, having been defeated by a contestant from Australia.

Web designing is a complex and meticulous process. Oninkx though, is so used to it that he's able to create the most astounding artworks within a very limited period of time.

What it Takes to be the the Top Coder

TopCoder is a company that hosts computer programming contests. Contestants compete in single round matches or SRMs, as well as weekly competitions in development and design. The competition produces effective software which TopCoder then licenses.

Continue reading this article on OffShoring Inc.'s Newsletters

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go Offshoring

A TV head writer once said that the best idea is not the first thing that pops out into your mind. You have to keep thinking. The second thing that goes into your mind is better than the first thing but still, it's not good enough. So you have to keep thinking. And there goes the third the fourth and the fifth. Now, you have five ideas to choose from. But you will not choose. Instead you will merge the five ideas to create an idea extraordinaire.

This is Offshoring's philosophy that outsourcing disregards. You see, in Offshoring, Your BIG ideas and Our Fresh ideas are merged to create an unconventional idea extraordinaire, but in outsourcing, you leave all the job to the other party, losing your part in the big picture.

I could give you many reasons why you should go OFFSHORING but let's just narrow it down into the best ten:

1. Cost Efficient
2. Mutual Gain
3. Quantum Leap
4. Hassle Free
5. Risk Free
6. Synergy: We Imagine, We Create
7. 24/7
8. Profit Guaranteed
9. Tried and Tested
10. Offshoring Hires The Best People There Is (Filipino People)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What To Do When The Police Break the Law: Motions in a DUI Case

Motions are powerful weapons against illegal police tactics in a DUI case. A motion is a request by a defendant to the court. There are various motions that may be filed by a defense attorney, and the motion most often filed by a DUI attorney in San Diego and elsewhere is a motion to suppress evidence.

When a defendant or his attorney files a motion to suppress evidence he is asking the judge to rule that evidence is inadmissible because it has been obtained illegally. If evidence is inadmissible then it cannot come in at a Defendant’s trial. If incriminating evidence is kept out of a defendant’s trial, then the prosecution’s case may be seriously weakened or destroyed.

There are a number of reasons why evidence may be illegally obtained and therefore inadmissible. A good DUI lawyer in San Diego will review your case to determine whether the possible reasons for evidence to be inadmissible are present in your case. For example, if a police officer arrests a defendant but does not read the defendant his Miranda rights then any statements made by the defendant after his arrest and before the reading of his Miranda rights may be inadmissible.

In DUI criminal cases in San Diego the most damaging pieces of evidence are usually the results of breath or blood tests as well as a defendant’s performance on field sobriety tests. So, excluding a defendant’s post-arrest statements isn’t usually going to seriously weaken the prosecution’s case.

Another reason why excluding post-arrest statements may not put a big dent in the prosecutions case is that appellate courts have ruled that the initial contact between a police officer and a driver subjected to a DUI stop is not an arrest. Defendants generally make their most damaging statements early on in their contact with the police; for example, telling an officer how much they had to drink.

Because defendant’s generally make the most damaging statements early on, during the ‘investigation’ rather than the ‘arrest’ phase of the DUI stop, and because the most damaging evidence is usually the blood or breath tests, not the defendants’ statements, excluding evidence based on a failure to advise a defendant of his Miranda rights is rarely the key to winning a DUI case in San Diego.

But there is still good reason to file a motion to suppress in the right case; a motion to suppress in a DUI case can be a useful tool when a defendant argues that he was stopped or arrested illegally, as opposed to arguing that he made post-arrest statements without a Miranda warning. For example, if a police officer observes that an eventual defendant’s car wheels touch a lane line and observes no other irregularities in the defendant’s driving, then the police officer might not have a legal basis to stop the defendant. If the officer nonetheless stops the defendant, and the officer’s investigation leads the officer to suspect that the defendant is driving under the influence, then the defendant may argue to the judge that the initial stop was illegal.

If the defendant or his attorney can persuade the judge that the initial stop was illegal, then the judge might rule that all evidence obtained after the illegal stop – i.e., the result of a Blood Test, Breath Test or a Field Sobriety Test – is inadmissible in trial.

A motion to suppress can also be valuable because it offers an opportunity to a DUI lawyer to cross-examine a police officer in court in order to find out what the officer’s testimony will be at trial.

Another motion that may be filed is called a Pitchess motion. If a defendant wins a Pitchess motion then the judge will order the Police Department to give the defendant or his lawyer the contact information for other citizens who have filed complaints against the defendant’s arresting officers for dishonesty or use of excessive force. As discussed above, the case may arise where an officer writes in his police report that a defendant swerved across a lane line, and the defendant knows that his wheels just touched the lane line. In that kind of case it might be useful for a defendant to file a Pitchess motion in order to locate witnesses who might call the police officer’s credibility into question by testifying that the police officer has been dishonest in other cases.

To cause the court to hear a motion to suppress, a DUI attorney prepares a legal document that includes argument to persuade the judge to decide the motion in the defendant’s favor, and makes four copies of the document. The attorney goes to the San Diego courthouse to provide the documents to a court clerk, and asks the clerk to set a date when the motion may be heard in court, in front of a judge. The clerk keeps two copies for the court, and returns two copies to the attorney with the court’s official stamp. The attorney then takes the two stamped copies to the office of the prosecutor (the San Diego City Attorney or the San Diego District Attorney). The prosecutor’s office keeps one copy, and provides the attorney with a stamped copy. The attorney then has a copy of the motion with confirmation from the court that the motion has been filed and a date has been set, as well as confirmation from the prosecutor’s office that he has provided the prosecutor with a copy of the motion.

For more information about DUI, visit – San Diego DUI Lawyer

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bipolar Behavior: Acting a Bit Bipolar Are You?

Bipolar disorder is all about highs and lows. Sometimes, you feel like you're the king of the world. Other times, you feel like you're the grime on the boots of the king of the world. The way that a bipolar person behaves varies between the disorders various stages.

Bipolar behavior is inconsistent. The are two phases of bipolar disorder that occur for the longest. They are called mania and depression. There is another one called hypomania but it is hardly noticable as it occurs for a very short time. This is the bipolar state where a person acts the most behaved. In this state, the person thinks very clearly and is relaxed.

Now, onto the main stages of this disorder. The behavior of a bipolar person during the stage of mania is just as the name suggests. The person is manic. The person is jittery and seems to feel no fatigue. A bipolar person in this state keeps constantly active, burning up the hours with countless activities, and taking no time to rest.

Atfer this string of energy-filled activity, the person burns out. Then the next stage kicks in. When a person shifts to the stage of depression, all the fatigue that he or she should have felt in the mania days kick in. The person then behaves in a way of a loner.

In the depressed phase, a person becomes a wallowing recluse. He or she experiences feeling of self-hatred, regret, anger, sadness and any other negative emotion that may arise. These feeling last for longer than the mania.

Read more about Bipolar on Bipolar Disorder View.

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Office Access or simply Access is a database management system. It is often referred to as an entry-level database, as it performs simple yet useful data management tasks. MS Access is often used in small companies, organizations, as well as in home offices that need simple data management.

Aside from data manipulation, MS Access is also capable of supporting the web. It is designed to be easily posted on the web by simply exporting the data to HTML.

Microsoft Access allows the individuals to use a simple and flexible database management system or DBMS. This database uses two major components in organizing records, which are tables and queries.

The tables are the most fundamental parts of a database. A table is similar to Microsoft Excel's spreadsheet. It contains columns and rows where the information will be inputted.

Queries are designed to perform tasks such as combining the data from different tables to come up with a solution placed on the selected data.

There are different methods to input data in the database table. The method for information entering will largely depend on the context of the data. Among the most commonly used methods is the direct entry and form.

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